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Friends of the Wiscasset Public Library


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Friends Mad Hatter Tea Party a Success


Over 30 guests at any given time attended the Friends of the Wiscasset Public Library Mad Hatter Tea Party on August 12. Almost everyone wore hats for the occasion and the refreshments were superb. There is talk of making this an annual event.


The party was at the rear of the library, near the entrance of the Used Book Room and the Monarch Way Station. The Garden Club of Wiscasset is responsible for two gardens at the library, including the registered Monarch Way Station.


Do not forget to purchase tickets for our next major fundraiser: Bands for Books, on September 20 at Marianmade Farm. Pre-purchased tickets are $20.00. Tickets will cost $25.00 at the door.


Whenever you visit the library, stop into the Used Book Room, where all books are priced to sell.



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Visit the Library's Used Book Sale Room


Are you looking for a book on how to start a flower or vegetable garden this spring?

             Second Hand Prose, the Wiscasset Public Library's used book sale room is a good place to start. This year the room has a new face. A new entrance door keeps the room more air-tight and the new heat pump provides heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. All this makes the room a pleasant and comfortable place to visit. The Friends new President, Katharine Martin-Savage, donated a table and chairs at which to sit and decide on purchases or a place to relax and read.

             The room is Friends of the Library maintained and most years it is the major source for funding for the Friends. These funds are used to assist the Library for various projects throughout the year.

             New titles are added every week. The collection has recently been rearranged to make the books easier to browse. Books are stocked in categories ranging from fiction, classics, poetry, drama, to a variety of non-fiction and children's titles. Non-fiction includes books on such topics as biography, history, travel, art, gardening, health, cooking, religion and much more. There are also DVDs, books-on-CD and music CDs for sale.

             Everything is priced to sell! Visit the room this spring and check out our collection. The book sale is opens during regular library hours and closes 30 minutes before the Library closes.

             Reminder: the Friends will be meeting on Monday, May 11th in the Wiscasset Public Library's Reading Room. Refreshments will be served at 9:30. Join us for conversation before and after the 10:00 am business meeting. Bring a favorite book to share. New members and visitors are invited to attend.



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Local Partnerships Add Heat for Library's Used Book Sale Room


Pictured inside the Wiscasset Public Library's Secondhand Prose are Jarred Watson and Paul DiMauro from DiMauro Electric, Friends Secretary Michelle Peele, Vice President Linda Winterberg, Blake Peebles from Seacoast Energy and President Katharine Martin-Savage. The group is celebrating the receipt of a check in the amount of  $1,000.00 from Efficiency Maine. The check is a rebate from the cost of installing a new heat pump; the unit is visible in the background above the bookcase. Blake Peebles generously used his time to help with the application for the grant to assist the Friends with their endeavors.

A fundraiser in September 2014 made the purchase possible thanks to the Friends Fundraising Committee, with particular thanks to Michelle Peele, owner of Marianmaid Farm. Michelle donated her time and the use of her facility at no cost to the Friends. The project was also a success thanks to DiMauro Electric and Seacoast Energy, who pared down their costs to help keep this venture within our budget.

 Heat in the Used Book Sale Room is a major improvement to the library's physical plant and will be part of the further renovation of the Used Book Sale room, which will provide more funds in the future.

 The Friends also do a great job to cover improvements and programs that the Library Trustees cannot fund in their budget. This is a very dedicated and energetic group who have a passion for the philosophy of library, the freedom of information for all and learning. Without their fundraising efforts and their volunteered time, the Library would not be able to present the wonderful programs that are available for the children of the community.

 Mark your calendar for another concert at Marianmade Farm on September 20, 2015. All those who attended the 2014 concert can attest to it being Wiscasset's event of the year.


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Friends of the Wiscasset Public Library Meeting

 The Friends of the Wiscasset Public Library met on Monday, March 9, 2015 with new President, Kathy Martin-Savage officiating. Sixteen Friends met for refreshments at 9:30, followed by a business meeting at 10:00 a.m. We had several new members present and are always looking for more people to join the Friends.

 A discussion ensued on all the changes that have been and will soon be made to Second Hand Prose used book sale room. Anyone who has not been into the room in a while is in for a wonderful surprise.

 The Friends voted to fund the Children's Room summer reading program, have the library's spring cleaning accomplished and subsidize interlibrary loan postage. A book share followed the business meeting.

 The next meeting will be held on May 11, at 9:30.

There is always room for more Friends.

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bksale2.jpg (156425 bytes)

     Second Hand Prose, the used book room located inside the library, is run by the Friends of the Wiscasset Public Library. It is open during regular library hours and closes one-half hour prior to the library's closing.  Donated and withdrawn books are sorted by genre and shelved for sale.   All comers are welcome to browse the shelves for that elusive old favorite you have not been able to find.


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A useful site for Friend's groups is the  Friends of Maine Libraries .  Grants, conferences, the current newsletter and more is available online.

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