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 Sadielynn and Addison start looking for their items in the backyard scavenger hunt.

 September 11th's story hour was enjoyed outdoors at the large picnic table in the library’s backyard.   The book we read was Around the Pond: Who’s Been Here? by Lindsay Barrett George.  In the story, a brother and sister head out to pick blueberries and find eight different clues that describe nature’s creatures and their habitats. The children did a wonderful job listening to the clues and then helped each other determine the animal that matched the clue.  Then it was our own scavenger hunt time! Equipped with a list and a tray to collect things in, everyone headed out to find things in nature like: “a twig shaped like the letter Y” or “something that starts with the first letter of your name.” It was great fun for all getting outside and seeing what can be found in our own backyard.

Story Time takes place each Thursday at 10:30 and all are welcome to enjoy great books and activities that follow.



Ashley and Gabe Wood arrive at the Northern Stars finale dressed in their FIZZ, BOOM, READ T-shirts!

Over eighty-five participants came to enjoy the 2014 Summer Reading Program finale with Northern Stars traveling Planetarium last Friday.... We were all able to gather under the starlit sky in the inflatable dome and learn of constellations, Mars and Saturn, and even other nearby galaxies! John Meader of Northern Stars did a wonderful job narrating the changing night sky patterns and urges everyone to get outside in the evening and star-gaze….you never know what you will discover. Don’t forget the Wiscasset Public Library has a telescope available to be loaned out on a weekly basis thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Library.



2014 Summer Reading Program FIZZ, BOOM, READ! winners are

Ages 0 – 3 Owen Allen

Age 4 – Kindergarten Alanna Groleau

Grades 1 – 3 Mallory Roy

Grades 4 – 6 Matthew Eckert

Grades 7 – 8 Kaitlyn Main

Congratulations to all!



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