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     The Jane S. Tucker Archives and 

Genealogical Collection  

    The Jane S. Tucker Archives and Genealogical Collection is located upstairs. Bound copies of town histories, and family genealogies are shelved in this room. Thousands of pages of genealogical and local history are filed here. This collection also houses many old newspapers and maps of the area.

Wiscasset Public Library does not have an archivist at this time. Librarians can spend up to fifteen minutes on research for a particular request. If you have a lengthy research project, you will have to contact an individual who hires out to do such work. It may take a few weeks for a response to a request for information. Please be patient and do not send your request multiple times. Thank you for your understanding.

Send assistance requests to Wiscasset Public Library or write to the library at 21 High Street, Wiscasset, ME 04578. Archival requests can notbe done by telephone.

PDF version of the Cemeteries of Wiscasset Maine document.

At times, there are multiple requests being researched.  Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for an answer to your questions.

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revised January, 2016